Wolverine claw glove is activated by flexing muscles

A bunch of weaponized gloves based on various superheroes exist, including ones that help kids and ones that shoot lasers powerful enough to pop balloons. Then there's this new Wolverine glove, which fits over one's hands and wrists and ejects pointed claws on command. That's nothing new. What is new is how you control it: by flexing your muscles, which causes the claws to pop out and presumably make some bad guy's day a little less productive.

Advancer Technologies has introduced its fourth-generation muscle sensor, which is called the MyoWare sensor. They're funding it on Kickstarter, and are also showing off what exactly you can do with it. One of the uses is creating your own "Bionic Claws", which are essentially Wolverines' claws packed into a muscle-sensing glove that ejects them when the wearer flexes their muscles.

Joining the clawed glove, which is demonstrated in the video above, are complete instructions on how to 3D print and assemble your own clawed gloves, though you'll need to snag the MyoWare sensor for it to be fully functional. That sensor can be found on the company's Kickstarter page, where it has successfully raised its goal amount.

The instructions on making the glove using the sensor, meanwhile, are posted in their entirety over at MAKE Magazine (link below). There's also an Iron Man glove if that's more to your liking.