Iron Man glove replica shoots real lasers

We've previously seen an Iron Man prosthetic, and now another rendition of the glove has surfaced, this one of a different sort: it is an Iron Man glove with functional lasers, as well as sound effects that make it sound like the real thing. It was created by Patrick Priebe, who has previously created some other things incorporating lasers, the latter of which have an important place in his latest creation. Both blue and red lasers are included, and they're shown off on video, which we have after the jump.

The Iron Man glove features a 3,000mW blue laser in the palm, which is activated by flexing one's wrist so that the palm presses into a pressure plate inside of the glove. This laser is powerful enough to cause some damage (not Iron Man-level damage, though), so the glove is certainly not a toy.

As you can see in the image above, the glove also has an 800mW red laser mounted above the knuckles inside of a hatch. That hatch raises when one of three buttons is pressed, revealing the laser. There's also a laser "charging" button, which is in fact only a nice sound effect. When pressed, a ring of LEDs on the palm also light up.

Even better, the glove functions like Iron Man's glove in the first Avengers movie, ejecting a spent shell of sorts to emulate the spent laser shell Iron Man would eject after burning it out with laser pulses. Check out the video below to see the glove in action!

SOURCE: Gizmag