Wolfenstein gameplay trailer details mayhem vs stealth

If you're a fan of the recently revealed ninja-esque game THIEF, you're aware that we're in an age of "choose your own" gameplay. You can make a game your own, and developers encourage this with bonuses and tags in either fashion. With the newer – not yet released – game Wolfenstein (2014), you'll find at least two kinds of gameplay going on.

You can choose to go the Stealth route. With Stealth, you're not exactly sneaking about with a black cloak and throwing stars – though you do get throwing knives. Instead it's all about using your mind to act silently with weapons that are normally very, very loud. In the gameplay trailer released today by the folks at Bethesda Softworks, you'll see Stealth up first.

Wolfenstein is a game that'll be arriving on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on the 20th of May, 2014. That's not long from now, so you can expect this gameplay you're seeing here to be rather close to the final product.

The second bit if gameplay being shown here is Mayhem. This is your classic, good-times Nazi-killing with massive explosions and heavy-duty machine guns action. It's all about grabbing as much ammunition as you can, tossing it then directly into the faces of your enemies. Here you'll be as loud as you like – just make sure you're killing everything you see.

It should be made clear here that this is not your traditional Wolfenstein. Taking the original first person shooter to a new age, Bethesda Softworks are holding the reigns of one of the most well-loved gaming franchises of all time, pushing it with graphics and gameplay that should very well usher in new fans and satisfy the old.