Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 chews the fat with your Facebook

Withings has pushed out a new version of its wirelessly-connected scales that tell the internet that you're obese, streamlining the weighing and sharing process as well as launching a new mobile app. The Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 now turns on and is ready to weigh instantly, automatically differentiates between eight different users, and squirts the resulting data to a cloud-based store that can be viewed in your browser, or on your tablet or phone.

There's now also special position-control indicators, which help each user get to the right place on the weighing surface, and if you're out of reach of a WiFi b/g/n network then there's Bluetooth Smart Ready (4.0) support for direct links to a phone or tablet. They run a new Withings Health Companion app, showing weight results, BMI, and graphed trends over your use of the scale.

Results can, thankfully, be kept private if you'd rather not reveal your tubbiness to the internet at large; alternatively, they can be shared with other individuals, such as doctors or personal trainers. If you're fully committed to our brave new social world, you can link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts for instant status updates.

The Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 will go on sale in late September, priced at €119.95 ($150). The cloud service also works with Withings' other wireless health monitoring devices, throwing in blood pressure tracking and more.

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