Withings Thermo hands-on: the smart thermometer

Chris Burns - Jan 4, 2016, 7:18pm CST
Withings Thermo hands-on: the smart thermometer

Connecting your home thermometer to your Wi-fi network wasn’t the first thing you were thinking about the last time your kid ran a fever. That’s what Withings wants you to think about, though, as the Withings Thermo works with what may be the smartest electronics ever jammed in to such a device. Today we’re getting our hands on this device for the first time.

This device provides what Withings suggests is “one of the fastest, most accurate, non-invasive temperature readings available.” Inside is a 16-sensor infrared array by the name of HotSpot. This system is able to take your temperature via your temporal artery.

Tithings suggests that this device corrects itself for ambient conditions and odd skin temperatures. We’ll see about that!

We’re not going give any early judgements to this device here at CES 2016 as we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off – but chances are good we’ll see this machine appearing in stores this first quarter of 2016, on our review bench soon.

This device will cost you a cool £79.95 (that’s right around $120). Check our CES hub for more CES 2016 action all week long!

Photos by Brittany A. Roston

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