Withings CEO apologizes for releasing Aura "too hastily"

First introduced in January of this year, Withings' Aura sleep system was ultimately launched in August, and unfortunately was soon after met with user complaints about various issues. The device is meant to track how well a user sleeps, as well as lulling the user to sleep by shining a soft light in different colors and playing gentle music. Unfortunately, it was apparently released before properly ready, and now the company's CEO has apologized to its users.

According to CEO Cedric Hutchings in a statement to VentureBeat, the Aura's early users expressed issues with having to wait a while after waking up before the sleep performance data was available for viewing, as well as the lack of heart rate data in the resulting information. As of now, both of those features are available. Others have reported issues with getting the related app to work correctly, data being off, and more.

Said Hutchings: "We acknowledge that it was brought to the market too hastily, and that malfunctions and missing features have been a source of frustration for some of you." In addition to apologizing, he pledged the company will "renew" its commitment to improving the device.

Such improvements have been delivered using updates, but to placate those who still find the Aura inferior, Withings is offering a second sleep sensor for free — something said to be a show of appreciation for those who have to remain patient through the process.

SOURCE: Venture Beat