Wireless shoes: Verb for Shoe contact swapping & ASRD WiFi detectors

Typical, you wait for ages with your boring do-nothing-but-cover-your-feet shoes and then multiple tech footwear shows up at once.  Verb for Shoe, who believe that our feet are nothing without wireless contact exchange, are back with v.6 of their design.  Meanwhile, "A Step in the Right Direction" (ASRD) take normal Nike Dunks and add some WiFi catching clever in the shape of an LED-blinking lace guard.

Verb for Shoe uses a short-range wireless link and integrated controls to beam your contact details – which could include name, address, phone number and a description of your favourite foot antics – to another person's feet.  Once back home, you plug them into your PC and synchronise with your address book.  That, of course, assumes your new friend has also shelled out $700 for a pair of custom-made Verb for Shoe shoes.

ASRD, meanwhile, is slightly less collaborative but, given the fact that we already have address-exchanging methods (such as our mouths), perhaps more useful.  A pressure-switch in the sole of the left shoe triggers a WiFi scan, the results of which are displayed via the three LEDs.  Blinking means no signal, solid means a signal found, and however many are lit up indicates the strength.  Sadly there's no indication of whether the WiFi is encrypted or not, so you're probably better off sticking with a detector that clips onto your keyring.  No price, but presume that the hand-crafted electronics add-ons will add wildly to the cost of a standard set of Dunks.

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