Wireless recharging becomes a reality... for V3 RAZR owners, at least

Got a Motorola RAZR?  Hate wires?  Then you'll be pleased to know that the long-vaporware Wildcharge wireless charging pad - which promises to replenish your gadget's batteries just by placing it on the inductive platter – is now available... as long as you only want to use it for your Motorola V3.


It uses a replacement battery panel which contains the inductive receiver and has a sneaky little tendril snaking down to the RAZR's mini-USB charging port.  It's not exactly the slickest outfit for your Moto, frankly, but it could be a lot more convenient than remembering to slot the normal charger in.


Wildcharge are promising a wire-free adaptor for the 2G iPod nano next, and they're asking for suggestions as to what gadgets you'd like to see them cater for.  The system at present costs $90 for the adaptor and pad bundle.

Wildcharge [via Crunchgear]