Wireless charging to see 65x growth by 2014 claims iSuppli; Nokia & RIM tipped as cutting their cords

Wireless charging solutions like the Palm Touchstone are likely to increase in shipments by a factor of 65x by 2014, iSuppli are predicting, suggesting that cordless power will spread from mobile phones to "portable media players, digital still cameras and mobile PCs."  They also predict the rise of a common standard which all manufacturers could promote cooperatively.  Current wireless charging shipments are believed to be around 3.6m units in 2010, though iSuppli expect that to rise to 234.9m in just four years time.

As for which manufacturers might climb on board, according to iSuppli both Texas Instruments and ST-Ericsson are looking at ways to integrated wireless charging into their printed circuit boards, while Logitech and Case-Mate are tipped as potential accessory partners.  Nokia and RIM, meanwhile, are believed to be looking at producing wireless charging compatible handsets.