Wireless charger for the Moto 360 hits FCC

The Moto 360 is expected at Google I/O this week, at least to make an appearance if not be part of a giveaway. Many questions have circulated about the incoming wearable, which has captured our imaginations with its classic round face. A new FCC filing gives us many more details on how it will charge, or at least what capabilities it has.

The FCC filing is light on details, but does give details on a wireless charger. That charger sounds fairly basic, which could lead skeptics to claim it will be for device. It was tested with the Moto 360, though, so the smartwatch will at least have wireless charging capabilities. Whether or not the watch will come with the wireless charger, we just don't know.

Motorola has been mum on what will set the 360 apart thus far. Though Android Wear is in its early days, and Google I/O will be many Developers' first introduction to the wearable OS in proper fashion, we'd love some more info on the 360. Wireless charging is nice, but some details on what sensors and such are cobbled in would give us a better idea of how it will stack up.

For now, we're left knowing the Moto 360 can charge wirelessly, which will hopefully solve the annoyance of plugging a phone in. Charing a watch is still a foreign concept, and not ideal, but it could have been worse — there could have been a special cradle to put it into.

Source: FCC

Via: Liliputing