Wintek fingered as cause of iPad delay

Waiting for a new gadget to launch that you know is coming that you really want is as bad as waiting for Santa as a kid. Things get worse when the product is delayed and you have to wait longer. Such was the case with the iPad. The thing was originally expected in late March, but unspecificed production problems delayed that launch until April.

The same delays happened with iPad accessories too. The keyboard dock was originally set for late April and has since been pushed further back to May. Lots of us were wondering exactly what the reason for the iPad delay was. Chinese publication Liberty Times is pointing the finger at Wintek for the iPad delay.

According to a report, Wintek is having delays with its touch panel manufacturing process. The delays resulted in fewer panels available for Apple. Wintek filed a statement with the Taiwan Stock Exchange claiming that its production is in line with plans and offered no comment on orders specifically for Apple.