Apple iPad accessory delays lengthening

Looks like Apple are having accessory problems; having already warned customers that several iPad add-ons – including the iPad Keyboard Dock – wouldn't ship until later in April, the Apple Store has been updated to reflect even longer delays.  The iPad Keyboard Dock – along with the spare iPad power adapter – now won't ship until sometime in May 2010.

They're not the only things to have slipped.  When the iPad first went up for pre-order last week, the official iPad Case, iPad Dock and iPod Dock to VGA Adapter were all expected to ship in time for April 3rd deliveries of the tablet itself.  Now Apple's iPad Case – one of the more popular accessories, we'd expect – has slipped to mid-April 2010.

The iPad itself is estimated to have seen 152,000 pre-orders by midnight on Sunday, and is being tentatively described as more popular than the original iPhone was.  The WiFi-only model will ship in time for April 3rd, while the WiFi + 3G version – which has an integrated HSPA modem – will follow on around a month later.

[via Everything iPad]