Apple iPad Keyboard Dock won't ship until mid-April

Hoping to pick up one of Apple's more useful iPad accessories along with your iPad preorder?  Unfortunately it looks like early-adopters will have to suffer with the onscreen keyboard for a while, as according to the Apple Store the iPad Keyboard Dock – while available to purchase now – won't ship until mid-April 2010.

That's in contrast to most of the other official iPad accessories, which are listed as set to ship in time for April 3rd.  The official Apple iPad case comes in at $39 while the iPad Dock Connector to VGA adapter is $29.  If you can cope without the QWERTY and just want a docking station, the iPad Dock is $29 and will also ship for April 3rd.

In fact, the only later accessory is the Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter, which is priced at $29 but not expected to ship until late-April.  Looks like heavy iPad users will have to get used to carrying their AC adapter between home and the office until then.