Windshield of 2020 packs Augmented Reality [Video]

Projecting a head-up display onto your windshield is so passé; Autoglass reckons the future of digital driving is having augmented reality baked into the glass itself. The company has thrown together a video demo of what it believes the windshield of your car will be like in 2020, throwing in intelligent location-based services that can hunt down gas stations, flag up cyclists and pedestrians angling to get run over, and warn you when there's a speed camera nearby.

There are also some reasonably distracting landmark indicators, along with links to the in-car entertainment system to let you know what music you're listening to. It can even tell you the meal deals at the restaurants and pubs you're passing. Since Autoglass specializes in windshield repairs, there's a hook into your cellphone so that, should damage occur, it can automatically get alert a technician and tell them your location.

Clever stuff, though we're still waiting for our flying cars controlled by all-knowing AIs. In case you're wondering – and you don't recognize London, UK – the video is filmed in the UK, hence the driver being on the left side of the road.

[via Autoblog]