Windscreens go the way of the razor

Could it be that windscreen wipers are the new wet razor?  Having backed away in overwhelmed fear from the Gillette display rack (um, five blades?) now it seems I'll be equally overloaded when dealing with rain on my windshield.  Vauxhall (the UK name for Opel cars) has announced its Flatblade wipers – designed without joints, to avoid squeaking, they're apparently aerodynamic and have an integrated spoiler.  You can only assume that traditional wiper blades are prone to taking off and skewering overhead ducks when cars travel at speed.

Spring-loaded rails make sure that the entire length of the blade is pressed firmly and evenly against your lucky windshield, with all these fancy features adding up to a claimed 50% reduction in wind noise and far less chance of jumping, smearing and sticking.

Vauxhall's advice is (probably) to throw away your existing car and buy one of its new ones.  Go on, do it now before it's too late.

Vauxhall update the humble windscreen wiper with the Flatblade []