Windows Tango getting C++ support, 120 languages

In a leaked set of key points from a developer event in India this week, codesters were given a bit of information on the upcoming hero version of Windows Phone, that being code-name Tango. This version of Windows Phone will first of all be supporting C++ code use by developers, this giving them a much more low-level bit of control for their apps in the pipeline. Then there's language support: here moving the current support for 35 languages in Windows Phone Mango up to 120 languages for Tango – that's a boost!

This will, as it's been reported in the past, bring Windows Phone to a whole new possible set of international markets. When you've got a device that's only able to work with a few languages, you're only able to drop a phone with the software its running in those few markets – should Tango bring three times the languages to the party in one swoop, there may well be a big change in Microsoft's fortunes in the near future. This information, by the way, comes from WP Sauce – though as you can see, the original link has been switched as they've been asked to take the information down from their site by the authorities that be.

If you add up the number of languages supported by each of the other major mobile operating systems, 120 would wipe the floor with all of them. In addition, if you check out how many languages Windows 7 supports (125), you can easily see how the word that 120 will be coming to Tango could be true. Think about the power of Windows 8 then, will you, as it comes to tablets later this season.

Then there's C++, also tipped to be coming to the next release of Windows Phone. Being able to develop in C++ should be a prerequisite to making quality applications in any environment, so given that it's such a basic and base level code to be working with, we'll be seeing much more powerful apps in the near future. Android already has some similar ability to edit code for developers at the moment, so we're hoping for a greater future for developers and therefor users soon!

[via LiveSide]