Windows RT tablet market: Toshiba's out

Toshiba has announced this week that it will be pulling out of the Windows RT market before it begins this coming season, letting it be known that they'll be working with Windows 8 software instead. The difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT is Windows RT's limitation to what was formerly called "Metro" apps. Toshiba had noted previously that they'd be using Texas Instruments processors in their future Windows RT tablets, but at the moment they've sited a delay in getting components for devices in time for their planned release date as the reason why they've pulled out.

The statement makes it clear that though they would not be specifying the exact components they were unable to get, they'll be moving forward with Windows 8 devices exclusively. It appears now that if Toshiba does indeed make a Windows 8-era tablet, they'll be waiting for some time. In the meantime, they've re-dedicated themselves to Windows 8 for desktop and notebook machines.

"Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible. For the time being, Toshiba will focus on bringing Windows 8 products to market. We will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions." – Eric Paulsen for Toshiba

Check out the timeline below of recent Windows RT news to see who will be part of the tablet party as it begins quite soon. Microsoft will be bringing their own Surface tablets to the greater environment as well, so it'll be a right joyous bunch of tablet action!

[via Toshiba]