Windows Phone Summit: We're here for WP8!

Microsoft is returning for its second bite of the mobile news cycle today, with SlashGear headed to the company's Windows Phone Summit where WP8 "Apollo" is expected to make its official debut. Having wowed us with Microsoft Surface on Monday, the prediction is that Microsoft will show us what its smaller mobile devices are soon to be capable of, with the first proper look at what makes Windows Phone 8 so special.

So far we've got plenty of speculation and rumor – and a handful of supposedly leaked screenshots – to go by. Windows Phone 8 is expected to have Microsoft-owned VoIP service Skype fully baked in, with making a voice or video call over your data connection made just as straightforward as a regular cellular call.

There's also a new, Nokia-powered version of the mapping app, which will bring traffic information, more flexible directions and more to Windows Phone. In terms of hardware, developers are expected to get an early glimpse of the nuts & bolts of coding for the new platform, which will introduce multi-core processor support, NFC short-range wireless, and a broader range of screen resolutions (in fact four are believed to be in the pipeline).

Microsoft – and key partners like Nokia - are betting big on Windows Phone 8, so the company needs to get today right and build momentum for its launch. We'll have all the details from Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit as soon as they're announced, so keep an eye on the SlashGear homepage!