Windows Phone Lumia 610 may be key to Tango update puzzle

Before a big release of a new bit of software, especially in this mobile landscape we're currently reporting on all the time now, there are a set of puzzle pieces, otherwise known as leaks, that can be compiled to create a relatively clear picture of what the full release will bring. What we're seeing in the lead up to Mobile World Congress 2012 for Microsoft's Windows Phone is a set of tips that lead us to believe that the key to the mystery that is "Windows Phone Tango" is none other than the Nokia Lumia 610, an unannounced device set for release at the end of this month, and the software that'll come out first upon it: Tango.

The Windows Phone Tango update has been said to have the ability to work with devices with much less RAM than ever before. The minimum requirement for a Windows Phone running Windows Phone 7 or above has thus far been 512 MB of RAM. This new Windows Phone update, be it version 7.5.1 or above, is said to be coming with a lowered requirement, all the way down to 256 MB of RAM.

This new requirement would open the flood gates for lower-end devices and sets of smartphones for developing countries. The first of these devices could be the aforementioned Nokia Lumia 610. This device is said to have lower-grade specifications than the current top-tier Windows Phone devices out at the moment. This could be but one of the many updates the Windows Phone update to Tango could bring.

In addition, it's been said that this update could split into two factions – one for higher grade devices, and one for lower. Both versions would be able to see apps on the app market, but only the higher would be able to download any app at will – the lower would be limited to a set of low-power apps that keep the device running smoothly given its short specifications. This update is also being said to contain an MMS multiple-attachment feature where Windows Phone users can send multiple photos, videos, and text all at once in a message.

Finally there may be an update to your ability to work with your SIM card on your Tango device. The update will allow you to export contacts to your SIM card and manage contacts directly from your SIM as well. This would facilitate ultra easy switching between devices indeed!

We'll likely see this and more at Mobile World Congress 2012 – follow our MWC 2012 tag to see all the action as it goes down at the end of this month!

[via ZDnet]