Windows Phone 7 Office functionality gets new video demo

Windows Mobile always felt like a business smartphone platform with – later on, at least – consumer-focused extras bolted on.  When Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 earlier this year, however, the new smartphone OS felt like a consumer platform with a few vague nods to business use.  Now, thanks to the latest WP7 emulator build, we've got a better idea of how Office Hub functionality will work on the upcoming handsets.

Video demo after the cut

There's obviously the ability to open and make basic edits to documents, but more interesting is how the smartphone OS links into enterprise stores like SharePoint to access communal documentation.  Of course, we'd still reach for our notebook if we wanted to do any heavy lifting, but all of a sudden the QWERTY 'board on the leaked Dell Lightning is looking a whole lot more tempting.

[via WMPowerUser]