Windows Phone 7 Instant Camera video demo

Chris Davies - Oct 11, 2010, 8:34 am CDT
Windows Phone 7 Instant Camera video demo

Microsoft has been running through the main features of Windows Phone 7 this morning at the company’s launch event, and one of the stand-outs is their instant camera action.  Recognizing that getting to the camera app on a modern smartphone can currently take so long that your subject has moved on, Microsoft has made it that hitting the camera shortcut button on Windows Phone 7 bypasses the lock screen, home screen and everything else, and allows you to take a photo straight away.

Video demo after the cut

When you’ve taken the shot, you can then call up a contextual menu and upload that image directly to one or more social networks like Facebook or Windows Live.  As you can see in the demo below, it’s certainly speedier than usual.

However, we do have a couple of concerns over device security.  Considering the instant camera bypasses the lock screen even if there’s a password enabled, and then allows you to upload photos direct to your social networks, that seems a risk if someone picks up your phone.

[vms 05321542838d77f85522]

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