Windows Phone 7 Getting Copy & Paste in a Matter of Weeks

During the Windows Phone 7 launch event in October, someone had asked the question that everyone even remotely interested in Microsoft's mobile Operating System has been wondering: when is Copy & Paste coming? We got a confirmation that it would be arriving on devices in the early part of 2011, but now it looks like a bit more confirmation has come through a blog post from Microsoft's Director of Microsoft Project Arpan Shah.

He has come forward and said that Copy & Paste will be released "in a matter of weeks." He's quick to add that it's still in early 2011, though. While it's not an exact date, it could perhaps be better than what we were going off before. Considering that we've still got a few weeks to go before the end of 2010, there's no reason to think that Shah would use "in a matter of weeks" if he meant any significant amount of time after January.

Of course, in a lot of markets, words like "soon" are a relative term, and what seems like it could only be weeks away, turns out to be months away. But, with this bit of information, and the confirmation we got from Microsoft at the event, we're starting to believe that we can expect the major update to the system in January.

[via Windows Phone Central]