Windows Phone 7 Getting Copy & Paste in Early 2011

Evan Selleck - Oct 11, 2010, 8:22 am CST
Windows Phone 7 Getting Copy & Paste in Early 2011

Through the trials and tribulations of early life for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile Operating System, Windows Phone 7, the details weren’t always painting the best picture for the future release. Point in fact, the talk about Copy & Paste, which many people make use of on their mobile phone in one way or another, was leaning towards the “not supported” aspect on upcoming devices. And, sure enough, Microsoft made it known that the devices featuring their latest and greatest mobile OS wouldn’t be able to utilize Copy & Paste. At least, not right off the bat. But today, Microsoft has made it clear that, soon, their devices would be able to take advantage of the feature.

While Microsoft is busy feeding out announcements regarding the many, many places Windows Phone 7 will show up in the near future, they took a moment to point out that Copy & Paste would indeed be showing up on Windows Phone 7 in the near future. Microsoft couldn’t give an exact date, as we’re sure they don’t even have that date quite yet, but they did say that the software update would be showing up on Windows Phone 7 devices some time in the early part of 2011.

We’re staying with the updates as they happen, so stay tuned to see what else Microsoft has up their sleeve.

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