Windows Phone 7 build teased from emulator, but don't expect an HD2 ROM

Only a day after Microsoft fleshed out Windows Phone 7 series at MIX10, we've already got a full dump of Windows Phone 7 build  The files aren't a leak exactly; they've been extracted from Microsoft's own developer tools, also released yesterday.  However, before you get your hopes up, this isn't a shortcut to getting Windows Phone 7 onto the HTC HD2.

For a start it's built for x86 processors – after all, it comes from the emulator not a phone ROM – and lacks the necessary drivers and other elements needed to control phone hardware.  Even if we had all that, there's more to the HD2's incompatibility than just the number of physical buttons.

Microsoft have axed support for external memory cards and all Windows Phone 7 devices will have to come with large chunks of internal flash memory.  That means the HD2's internal memory is simply too meagre, so until someone hacks the OS to recognize cards as onboard storage it's a no-go.

Still, we're expecting interesting things from the developer community with this in-depth access to the underlying code.  The absence of true multitasking and the locked-down Windows Phone Marketplace for app distribution are both frustrations that many users would like to see "jailbreaks" for.

[via IntoMobile]