Windows Mobile 6.5 final build gets video demo on Diamond2

Microsoft have been giving impromptu demonstrations of Windows Mobile 6.5, showing what's said to be "the final build" of the upcoming smartphone OS to The Inquirer.  Installed on an HTC Touch Diamond2, the platform includes the latest redesign of the UI, including 24-bit menu icons, together with Flash support and the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Video demo after the cut

Confusion has spread over the past week or so, over Microsoft's plans for the "Windows Mobile" brand and their stated intention to begin using "Windows Phone" as a catch-all for referring to the platform.  Contrary to what some are suggesting, Windows Mobile 6.5 has not been renamed to Windows Phone; instead, the latter will be used as a marketing term as Microsoft attempt to position their platform for consumers considering the iPhone or Android-based devices.

As part of that, the new mobile OS has a more Zune-like feel, which you can see in the video demo below.  There's also QR code support, plus My Phone synchronization, but multitouch will apparently have to wait until the next Windows Mobile release.


[via jkOnTheRun]