Windows Mobile 6.5.1 ROM gets video demo

The latest build of Windows Mobile 6.5, version 21925, has leaked, showing Microsoft's latest attempts to accommodate fingertip control on the platform.  Going by the screenshots, Microsoft have done away with many of the tabbed pages and instead replaced them with swipe-gestures and large, easily pressed arrow controls.Video demo after the cut

There's also talk of a new, OS-based A-GPS system, rather than using the carriers' servers.  Finally, it's said to be built on CE5.2 and CE6, possibly demanding new bootloaders in the process.

Unfortunately, what you see in this video isn't, apparently, what you'll be getting later on this year.  In fact, this is tipped to be Windows Mobile 6.5.1, and not expected to arrive until January 2010 when it launches on the Samsung Jackie.

[via WM Power User]