Windows 8 market share at only 2.3%

Craig Lloyd - Feb 1, 2013, 12:01pm CST
Windows 8 market share at only 2.3%

It’s been a good three months since Windows 8 released, allowing ample time for those committed to upgrade the time to do so. However, it seems the adoption rate for Microsoft‘s new operating system is remaining quite low, with only 2.26% of the OS market share, compared to Windows 7’s 44.48% and Windows XP’s 39.51%.

According to trend analytics firm Net Applications, Windows 8’s market share continues to rise subtly month after month, but the new operating system has seen very slow adoption overall. Of course, while it may seem that Windows 8 might not be going anywhere, the trend shows that the new OS’s market share isn’t good or bad, but modest.

When Windows 7 first came out, the OS also saw fairly low numbers — granted, not as low as Windows 8, but it saw a market share below 10% after six months. Of course, it’s only been three months for Windows 8, so the only question that remains is if Windows 8 will see a huge jump in market share this year, or if it will begin plateau at a relatively low figure, especially when upgrade prices are now really expensive.

Compared to OS X, Apple‘s latest version, 10.8 Mountain Lion, has 2.44% of the OS market share. That’s only slightly better than Windows 8, but you have to take in account that the last three versions of OS X alone only take up 6.4% of the market share, so technically, OS X Mountain Lion has almost 40% of the OS X market share, a lot better than Windows 8 at this point.

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