Windows 8 getting underwhelming response from vendors

We're just under two weeks away from the official launch of Windows 8, and Microsoft is doing its best to spread the word on its new and upcoming operating system. However, it looks like Windows 8 isn't getting much praise from supply chain manufacturers over in Asia, and expectations have ended up plummeting.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White traveled to Asia recently to meet with various supply chain manufacturers, but he quickly discovered that they're not too happy with Microsoft's latest creation. White says that the response has been "overwhelmingly negative" and expectations after the launch of Windows 8 are surprisingly low.

White also mentioned that one supplier he talked to said that they don't expect Windows 8 to make an impact until the second-half of 2013, despite that October and the holiday season are usually when computer sales spike. This leads White to believe that "the PC industry is headed for a muted December quarter."

Microsoft is expected to spend anywhere from $1.5 billion to $1.8 billion on their Windows 8 marketing campaign, which is the most that any company has ever spent on marketing one of their products. Overall, hype for the new OS seems pretty high in general, but I suppose the real test will come a few months after the official launch when Windows 8 releases to the public.

[via Business Insider]