Windows 8 early adoption update to cost just $14.99

Chris Burns - May 28, 2012, 11:44am CDT
Windows 8 early adoption update to cost just $14.99

This week it appears that Microsoft is getting ready for a gigantic push for Windows 8 with an update schedule that includes a $14.99 fee for customers. This update will include Windows 8 Pro and will be taking place between June 2nd, 2012 and January 31st, 2013. This update program will not be open to people who’ve already got a PC at home, instead offering it only to new customers coming to Microsoft Stores to pick up a new Windows 7 PC after June 2nd.

This deal is known as the “Windows Step-Up Offer” according to The Verge and will be aiming directly at holiday shoppers through the end of the year. Users participating in the Windows 8 Pro upgrade with this extended event will be invited to attend Windows 8 workshops to learn more about the software they’ll be working with. Those of you who plan on grabbing Windows 8 and want to attend a workshop yourself, you’ll be reciving a $20 Microsoft Store gift card just for showing up!

This is just one of many of Microsoft’s big pushes to make Windows 8 an operating system that’ll place them back in the center light. Have a peek at the timeline below to see some other Windows 8 news that should have you skipping and jumping lightly until that faithful day later this summer when you can purchase the software for yourself in full! See you there!

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