Windows 8 Consumer Preview business features revealed

It's now just a short while today before we see the official Microsoft presentation of Windows 8 in a Consumer Preview and they've released a giant Product Guide for Business in the interim. This guide is a total of 16 pages long and shows off how small businesses will be using Windows 8 in their day-to-day comings and goings. Ten key benefits are listed for the operating system on the whole, and such features as Windows to Go and SmartScreen Application Reputation shine in a deluge of Windows 8 goodness.

You can download this guide for yourself over at the Microsoft Download Center and check this 555 KB file out for yourself. What this guide will do for you is give you a glimpse of the Windows 8 preview we're about to see as well as how it'll effect the businesses you visit on the daily. You'll see features on the User Interface, start screen, touch-first experience, Internet Explorer 10, and app development as well.

Have a peek at the guide and stick with us for the rest of the event which will be starting shortly here in Barcelona. What we'll be seeing is a full preview of what Windows 8 will be for the average consumer, you and I, and how it'll be affecting our lives and the future of the hardware surrounding it in the near future. Watch the [MWC 2012 portal] as well as the [Windows 8 portal] to see all the action!