Windows 8 Boot Time Just 8 Seconds [Video]

Microsoft has demonstrated Windows 8's super-speedy boot times, part of the company's attempts to make the incoming OS more user-friendly. By using a combination of traditional boot/shutdown routines, and hibernating the Windows 8 kernel session, as well as taking advantage of multi-core processors common in today's PCs, the start-up time can be slimmed down to a matter of seconds, as you can see in the video demo after the cut.

While boot times may seem less important than resume times (whether from sleep or hibernate modes), Microsoft's research argues that trimming it  down will in fact have an impact on a significant number of users. 57-percent of desktop PC users and 45-percent of laptop PC users apparently prefer to shut down and reboot rather than use a sleep mode, in fact, with common reasons being a desire to save battery life as well as the hope of a "fresh start" each time.

Microsoft says the fettling will have an impact on both HDD and SSD users, though the latter will see the biggest impact. There'll also be a more comprehensive shutdown option, without any hibernation, for times when you're installing new hardware for instance, though it will not be the default.

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