Windows 8.1 update expected April 8

There are still a large number of computer users out there who are running Windows XP on their machines. Microsoft has been working hard to get these users to upgrade their OS, but some holdouts remain. The end of support date for Windows XP is April 8, which is right around the corner.

A rumor has surfaced this week that claims when support for Windows XP ends on April 8, users of Windows 8.1 will be getting an update. The April 8 day is a Tuesday, aligning with "Patch Tuesday" when Microsoft traditionally launches software patch software for users.

The source of the rumor about the Windows 8.1 update also claims that MSDN users will be able to get the Windows 8.1 update on April 8, a week before the normal Windows users out there. Exactly what will be changed in the update is unknown at this time, but Microsoft did offer some insights on the Windows 8.1 update during MWC 2014.

Microsoft execs have openly stated in the past that they want to make things better for users without touchscreens. Those changes are expected to be things like right click context menus, Metro app pinning, and more.