Windows XP may get no antivirus updates for Security Essentials after April

If you're using the computer that runs Windows XP, you know that Microsoft is ending support for the operating system as of April 2014. Microsoft has been pushing hard to get users to upgrade to a new version of the operating system from Windows XP and it began a big push to get people to upgrade in April of this year. As of April 2014, there will be no more security updates for the operating system.

Microsoft is now also hinting that it may stop delivering antivirus signature updates for Microsoft Security Essentials for XP users. Microsoft Security Essentials is the company's free anti-malware product. Granted, Windows XP users intent on keeping their operating system could simply pay for third-party product.

Microsoft says that it will not guarantee updates for its anti-malware signature and engine after the end of support date set for April 8, 2014. Running malware and antivirus software that's out of date leaves users unprotected against new threats which appear with regularity.

By ending updates for Security Essentials Microsoft is giving Windows XP users one more reason to upgrade to a new version of Windows. With only a few months left before support ends, Microsoft is likely hoping for a good sells quarter for Windows 8 as XP users continue to upgrade.