Windows 7 Service Pack 1 leaks

Like death, taxes and sub-par Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, leaky pre-launch Windows builds are inevitable.  Latest to hit the unofficial pipes is Windows 7 Service Pack 1, apparently easily found on your torrent site of choice, and according to GeekSMACK freshly built on March 27th.

They found that the install process was much faster than on previous Vista service packs, and involves two reboots in all.  What they don't share is any of the feature changes, but from what we've previously heard, Windows 7 SP1 won't really be bringing anything new and shiny but acts more as a gathering-together of previous hotfixes, tweaks and security patches.

The build number for this leaked release is apparently 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053, but as ever we'd caution users to be very careful with what they download and install.  As we saw last year, it's all too easy to get caught out by a fake torrent and find you've accidentally installed a trojan onto your system.

[via CrunchGear]