Windows 7 HDD and SSD performance benchmarked: whips Vista

Chris Davies - May 29, 2009, 6:20 am CDT
Windows 7 HDD and SSD performance benchmarked: whips Vista

Benchmarking Windows 7‘s performance with various hard-drives and SSDs may not sound like much fun, but when you consider how many people will end up using the new OS once it officially launches you can at least see its uses.  HotHardware have been testing out Windows 7 and contrasting it with Vista’s performance, and the good news is that the new platform bests its predecessor, particularly when it comes to SSDs.

The full performance results, which see the two OSes tested on various models of platter-based drive and solid-state drive, span several pages, but the takeaway result is that Microsoft have pulled their act together in Windows 7.  SSDs in particular showed up to a 35-percent improvement in read performance and up to a 23-percent improvement in write performance.

Standard hard-drives showed a less significant change, but according to HotHardware the overall feel of Windows 7 is a snappier, more responsive platform.  That certainly seems to accord with the talk we’ve heard from testers using the public beta.

[via Slashdot]

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