Windows 11 "modern design" released for Windows 10

If you're looking for a way to get just a taste of Windows 11 without taking the full dive, Microsoft has a way. Today Windows 10 Insiders have the ability to download and load the newest design for the Microsoft Store. It doesn't appear exactly as you'd see it with Windows 11, but it's close enough to get you ready to make that final leap.

As of 1:32AM on October 27, 2021, Rudy Huyn made the new Microsoft Store release officially public. It was available for download shortly before then, but Huyn made the announcement at that time on Twitter. Rydy Huyn is the Principal Architect of the Microsoft Store.

This new version of the Microsoft Store supports new win32 apps and is able to deliver Disney+ movies. This update adds a feature that connects this store to the Disney+ app – meaning when you see the movie Black Widow in the Microsoft Store, you'll have the option to buy the title from Microsoft for $5.99, but you'll also see a link to "Stream on Disney+".

This update is available for Windows Insiders users in the Release Preview Ring right this minute. If you've not yet joined the Windows Insider program, you'll still see this update to the Microsoft Store very, very soon. It's expected that this update to the Microsoft Store will be available to the general public within a few weeks from now.

It's likely this new design will be a required update at some point, given the way updates of major software like this has worked within Windows in the past. This new design will more than likely not only deliver content to users in a way that's more on-message with the way Microsoft wants to do business from now on, it'll also encourage users to consider updating to Windows 11 as soon as possible.