Windows 10 to support Raspberry Pi 2

The new Raspberry Pi 2 was announced earlier today with significantly more power than the original Raspberry Pi. The coolest part about the Raspberry Pi 2 having six times the power and 1GB of RAM is that it will sell for the same price as the old Pi. Microsoft has made an announcement that will make the new Raspberry Pi even more interesting; Windows 10 will run on the cheap developer's board.

Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 would run on the Pi 2 and the coolest part is that the operating system will be free for the developer community via the Windows Developer Program for IoT later this year. Microsoft has made Windows 10 to support a wider range of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, the Xbox, and the Internet of Things.

Microsoft says that it sees the developer community as the foundation of the next wave of computing. By offering Windows 10 at no cost Microsoft has guaranteed that Windows 10 will be used in all manner of cheap projects that it would have never been considered for if the OS was selling at prices like previous generations of Windows.

Microsoft says that it will be sharing more details about Windows 10 for IoT in the coming months. While details are scant for now, People interested can sign up for the Windows Developer Program for IoT to get the latest information.

SOURCE: Windows