Windows 10 July Patch Tuesday fixes distortion and printing

This week there's a brand new update for Windows 10 for all users looking to get their OneDrive back. This update includes a whole BUNCH of fixes for tiny problems as well as a few BIG problems that've cropped up in the last few weeks. One of these was an issue that "might prevent you from connecting to OneDrive using the OneDrive app."

The OneDrive issue might not have had a massive effect on your life, but for those users that rely upon the OneDrive system, there was a lot at stake. Now, with this update, all should be fixed (at least as far as the app's access goes) – but let us know if you're still having issues after your Tuesday Patch is loaded.

Another issue was fixed this Tuesday that had to do with printing physical documents. If you're still out there printing documents on paper, you might've found that some applications suddenly stopped having the ability to print documents with "graphics or large files." That might've been an issue for you that far outweighed any of this OneDrive nonsense – but no worries! It should all be made well with this latest update, so says Microsoft.

This update appears to fix an issue that "might cause certain games and applications to have visual distortion when resizing in windowed mode or switching from full screen to window mode." That wasn't just your imagination – things were getting weird.

Updates were also made to the security of input devices like mice, keyboards, and your humble stylus. This update "improves security in the Microsoft Store" and... of all things... "when Windows performs basic operations."

Per the update highlights for this latest Patch Tuesday, Microsoft literally has the following: "Updates to improve security when Windows performs basic operations." If you'd like to read the full release notes for this latest update, by all means, have at it!