Windows 10 Insider Preview get a Green Screen of Death

A Windows 10 Insider Preview build leaked out ahead of the official launch during the Christmas weekend and several new features were gleaned from that leak. One of the features that didn't get talked about much, until now, was the fact that the infamous Blue Screen of Death or BSOD seen when some sort of critical error forces a crash has been replaced. That BSOD is now a Green Screen of Death (GSOD) in the latest build.

The GSOD is said to only be available in the Insider Preview releases. The reason it's green is to make it easy to differentiate between the blue Production version screens and Insider releases now in green. This will make it easier for trouble shooting to start when the color of the screen of death will show at a glance which version of the OS the user is running.

The old BSOD will remain for the production versions that most normal users will see in the event of a failure of some sort. We learned about another cool feature that is rumored for the Windows 10 update coming down the road earlier this month- Game Mode.

Game Mode is rumored for the Creators Update. The first details about Game Mode came from leaked builds. The idea behind Game Mode is to allow Windows to allocate its resources to improve gaming when activated. That presumably means prioritizing video games over other apps that might be running at the same time. The first information came via a DLL file called "gamemode.dll" that was found in the leaked 14997 build.

SOURCE: MSPoweruser