Windows 10 "Game Mode" rumored for Creators Update

There's a lot coming to Windows 10 with the incoming Creators Update, but one secret feature that could be included is a "Game Mode" of sorts. Such a feature hasn't been officially revealed by Microsoft yet, but rather discovered in a leaked build of Windows. That means it will be rolling out to folks in the Windows Insider program soon, should it actually exist.

This Game Mode feature would allow Windows to better allocate its resources when a PC game is being played. This means giving video games priority over other apps that may be running at the same time, making games run better as a result. Game Mode was first discovered by Twitter user WalkingCat, who found a new DLL file called "gamemode.dll" in leaked build 14997.

The feature isn't functional yet, but we received more details about it by way of anonymous Windows Central sources. According to those sources, Game Mode on Windows 10 will work the same as a similar function on Xbox One. Windows Central's sources also seem to confirm that Game Mode will be included in the Creators Update, which will be launching sometime in early 2017.

One important thing to note is that it's currently unclear whether this applies to all PC games or just ones sold through the Windows Store. Making it compatible will all PC games regardless of where they were obtained seems likely, for the simple reason that Microsoft is bound to drum up some controversy if it makes Game Mode compatible only with Windows Store games.

After all, the Windows Store isn't nearly as popular as other PC distribution platforms, like Steam. There's even the potential of incompatibility between Windows Store and Steam versions of PC games, as was recently the case during the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. In any case, if Game Mode is on the way with the Creators Update, then Windows Insiders should be letting us know about it soon.

SOURCE: WalkingCat