Willow Garage PR2 SE robot available for $285,000 with one arm

A few days back I talked about the MIT student that took the expensive PR2 robot and taught it how to make cookies from scratch. If you thought you would like your own cookie baking robot Willow Garage has now announced that the robot is available for the tidy sum of $200,000 with no arms apparently. Sure, the bot costs more than a nice home in many areas, but your house can't bake cookies for you.

For your $200k, you get a normal PR2 robot with an updated sensor suite minus the arm. If you want an arm, which would make baking cookies much easier, you will need to cough up $285,000. The new robot kit with the single arm is called the PR2 SE. The SE version can be upgraded with a second arm later. I hope to see one of the dual armed bots soon flopping those arms around shouting "Danger Will Robinson!"

The bot obviously isn't aimed at the consumer like you and I. This bot is for the university or research organization that wants to work on human machine interfaces and other tech. The bot will allow the schools and researchers go after the NFS National Robotics Initiative grants.

[via Reuters]