Robot created by MIT grad student bakes cookies!

Robots are pretty cool when they can do stuff on their own. I'm impressed to see robots that can vacuum or help people do simple things around the home. When the robot can do more complex things like make a recipe with multiple steps, I am even more impressed. When after the recipe is complete I can eat the cookies said robot makes I am ready to get my own robot.

MIT grad student Mario Bollini has made a robot and trained the bot how to make chocolate cookies from scratch. The bit that the student used in the project is the PR2 form Willow Garage. The PR2 is the same bot is talked about a while back that was being used to assist a quadriplegic man with his daily living tasks.

The PR2 in this project is able to identify the ingredients used in the cookies using color and size. The bot also uses a laser scanner and a stereo camera to find the butter and the cookie sheet. The bot follows directions, makes the dough, puts the cookies on the pan, and then bakes them up. The open thing the bot can't do yet is clean up the mess. Check out the videos below to see the bot in action.

[via DesignTaxi]