Will integrated wine glasses turn society around?

If you ask me, the decline of society's morals started around about the time that young people started swigging from bottles of cheap wine and cider on street corners.  Now you can't strut down the road without being beaten to the ground and having your dignity vigorously ransacked, usually twice.  So I'm pleased to see Hardy Wines are trying to turn the tide of yobbishness and pathological decay by developing a wine bottle with its own pre-packaged glass.

The "Shuttle" is a single-serve 187ml wine bottle, sealed not with a cork but with a glass that – by twisting – releases both cup and sweet, sweet wine.  Both are made of tough acrylic and are marketed as not only being easy to use, store and serve, but safer due to the tamper-proof seal and absence of glass.  A new, 250ml size is to be tested in the UK (where we obviously drink more in one go); will they be making a 2-litre size for reprobate teens?

Hardy Wines [via Core77]