Wiimote hacks: WoW control & self-balancing robot

It must be a week for Wiimote hacks, as there are two interesting implementations of Nintendo's wireless motion-sensitive controller on offer today.  First up comes a hack using DarwiinRemote, that allows you to play World of Warcraft using the Wiimote; then, there's a self-balancing robot made of LEGO NXT, that can be remotely controlled with it.Video demos of both projects after the cut

DarwiinRemote allows you to connect your Wiimote to a Mac via Bluetooth, and map the accelerometer input and button-presses to various controls.  In the case of this WoW hack, moving the Wiimote controls the mouse, while the directional pad controls movement. 

As for the balancing robot, that uses a LEGO NXT kit and some custom firmware, built into a two-wheel 'bot that hooks up to a computer via Bluetooth.  You'll need some familiarity with using code, but if you're the sort of person tinkering with NXT then we'd wager that shouldn't be too great a step for you.

World of Warcraft Wiimote control:

Balancing Robot Wiimote control:

[via Nowhere Else; via Hack a Day]