Wiimote-controlled 15 tonne grapple [Video]

Not, perhaps, the sort of thing most SlashGear readers will be able to try at home, but if you've ever wanted to see a 15 tonne hydraulic grapple controlled by a humble Wiimote then here's the video for you.  Simon Wittber of Australian firm Transmin is lucky enough to have not one but two remote-controlled grapple arms, each toting a vicious looking six-claw pincer, and so he and his team decided to link up Nintendo's controller for some afternoon entertainment.Video after the cut

Each grapple can make roughly twelve revolutions per minute – that's about 72kph or 45mph – and has a sixteen meter reach.  The team used Python to link the Wiimote (via Bluetooth) into their normal grapple control system.

As an aside, Simon's voice-over and the choice of music is perfect.  He sounds like just the sort of calm, level-headed person you'd want wielding a 15 tonne grapple with the casual flick of a Wiimote.

[via MAKE]