Wii U Sports Club Golf now available

Shane McGlaun - Dec 19, 2013
Wii U Sports Club Golf now available

I always thought that some of the best games on the original Nintendo Wii were the Wii Sports Mini games that came with the console. I always particularly liked the golf game. I mentioned a while back that Nintendo was working on a sports themed game for the Wii U called Wii Sports Club.

Rather than launching the game in its entirety with multiple sports inside, the sports have come out individually. The first two games to launch in the Wii Sports Club line were tennis and bowling. Nintendo has now launched the Wii Sports Club Golf game.


The golf game is controlled using the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote Plus. Players place the GamePad on the floor and they can see the ball they are about to hit making it easier to line up shots. The players then swing the Wii Remote Plus like a golf club.

Once the player hits the ball, it flies from the GamePad LCD onto the TV screen so they can see how good their shot was. Like the other Sports Club games, Golf will offer players a free 24-hour pass to see how they like the game. Permanent access to the individual sports will cost $9.99 and a day pass is available for $1.99.

SOURCE: Wii Sports Club

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