Wii U GameCube adapter coming for Smash Bros

Chris Burns - May 29, 2014
Wii U GameCube adapter coming for Smash Bros

If there’s one release we did not see coming this year for gaming, it’s the accessory Nintendo has just announced today. This is the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter. This device allows you to plug in your old GameCube controllers into the Wii U for full functionality.

Unless you count the fact that some older DualShock controllers work with the USB ports for the PlayStation 4, no company has ever reached back to this degree to capture an older gaming console. Imagine the secondhand market for GameCube Controllers that’s about to explode.


This four-port adapter is being shown with a new controller, too – one themed specifically for Smash Bros. – and you know what that means. It means that the Nintendo Wii U will soon get its own GameCube controllers that work only with this new adapter.

This is easily the strangest thing Nintendo has released in the last year – and that includes the Wii U itself. Have a peek at his device here, get pumped up for the future of the Wii U now that you’ve got a super-strange yet super-appealing controller you can use, and stay tuned for more Nintendo action!

At this time no release or pricing information has been shared by Nintendo on this accessory. We shall see soon enough!

VIA: @NintendoAmerica

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