Wii To Wii U Transfer Error Sees Giant Store Credit Windfall

Over the past couple of weeks there has been several reports outlining a problem customers have been having in transferring the licenses of Virtual Console games from the Wii to the Wii U. Now there's a solution. As one tenacious user tells in an epic tale of customer support, pain, and redemption, Nintendo seems to be willing to cut out the middle man and give store credit for the trouble – seems too good to be true!

The middle man in this situation is the Error Code 200101 that users have been experiencing in this process for several weeks. This error generally results in a screen in which users are asked to "repair" their purchases so that they may be correctly sent from their Wii console to their Wii U console. This repair cost has been reported as anywhere from $60 to $85 USD depending on the number of titles being transferred.

Though as some customers like Kyle Orland of Ars Technica decided that this phantom "repair" cost was acceptable, Ryan from the Nintendo Fun Club Podcast thought different. It's Ryan who lived this epic adventure with the Nintendo customer service representative crew, the end result being a massive amount of Wii Points for his Wii Shop Channel. The amount he received, 57,000 Wii points (aka $570 USD), plus a $50 bonus, covered the amount of value his original library was worth.

Then the $50 bonus Ryan received was marked with a note, saying it was for "the inconvenience." Of course none of these points can be exchanged for real cash, and none of Ryan's saved games will be appearing here, but consider this: Nintendo could very easily have just told Ryan he had to pay the repair cost. Instead they cashed up his new account and deleted the licenses from the first set of games he had on the original Wii.

Seem like a kind gesture to you?