Wii Mini coming to USA with Mario Kart to boot

The smallest of the higher-end gaming consoles has been revealed to be approaching the United States just in time for the holidays: the Wii Mini, complete with Mario Kart. This little beast works with a cut-down collection of abilities that were once only available on the original Wii. Here you're not able to connect to the internet – and therefor wont be able to access the digital library of Wii and GameCube games available to the larger – but everything else is ready to roll.

This smaller edition of the Wii recalls similar efforts from latter-editions of the PlayStation One and the Sega Genesis. The same smaller edition was also pushed by Nintendo itself in the smaller edition(s) of the Super Nintendo offered through the 1990s. Here in the Wii Mini, Nintendo does it again with just about as compact a gaming console as you're going to find, complete with red trim and a special edition red Wii controller as well.

The Wii Mini will be coming to the United States for a cool $99 – a single hundred-dollar bill, appearing in its first bundle with Mario Kart Wii. While you can purchase a plethora of additional games – probably at a discount since the Wii U is now taking over retail stores – this console could potentially be your one and only Mario Kart machine.

You may want to pick up the one and only "Nintendo Wii Steering Wheel" to make it seem more natural – these are available from gaming stores all over the place for right around $10. You'll plug the controller (standard controller, that is) into the steering wheel and a Mario Karting you shall go!

This version of the Wii in the Wii Mini will be hitting USA shores immediately if not soon. Expect no more than a couple of weeks to pass before the Wii Mini is up next to the WiiU in a retail location near you.