Wii knockoff spotted in a store display

We recently saw a knockoff version of Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well as a knockoff of the PS3, but where do you ask is the Wii version? Well we've found it over yonder on Flickr via Engadget. This console goes by the name "MiWi2," does this mean there was a first one?

There is little known about this console other than what the picture shows. Let me point out the obvious for you. There does not appear to be a disc drive of any kind, which leads us to believe that there are built-in ROMs of older games. There is a large 41 on the package, which more than likely indicates that there are a total of 41 games.

The fat controller has 7 buttons for whatever reason. The two wireless controllers are much like the Wiimotes that come with the Nintendo Wii. On these controllers the two buttons are set diagonally from each other rather than in a vertical line.